NTG Air & Ocean Netherlands BV has its own customs department that can take care of all your customs matters.

When you export, import or transit goods you will need customs documents. Making these documents requires knowledge and digital applications.

Having your transport and customs enquires handled all by one company, will make it much easier for you as client.

NTG Air & Ocean Netherlands BV and its AEO status guarantees you a reliable partner, who is taking care of your transport and customs matters.

Our customer service import and export colleagues are in direct contact with the NTG customs department. As our internal contact lines are fast and easy, it will make the process run smooth and efficient. You will be able to focus on your business, while we will take care of the rest. In the end, this will save you time and money.

At NTG Air & Ocean we will take care.

To summarize, we can take care of your:

  • Customs Clearance
  • Export documents
  • Import documents
  • NCTS documents
  • Phytosanitary certification
  • GDBs: veterinary documents
  • EUR-1 certificates, ATR Certificates and Certificates of Origin
  • T1 Document, T-2L(F) document

Do you want to know more about our possibilities and services concerning customs enquiries? Please contact us.

Our customs department will be pleased to serve you.

Harry Bongers
+31 10 428 6446

Hans Popper
Tel: +31 20 316 0329

Cynthia Wong Si Kwie
Tel. +31 10 428 6455

Ashna Jadoenath
Tel. +31 10 428 6449