Oil and gas are important natural resources and the world’s increasing need for energy solutions has meant that drilling operations have become more important in recent years, as has the development of renewable energies.

This growth has led to the development of a dedicated department at NTG Air & Ocean UK, which caters specifically for these unique and highly specialised sectors. With oil, gas and renewables freight, a combination of road, ocean and air transportation is often required. In addition, the shipment of parts to challenging and remote locations often involves complex supply chains.

Delivery timings are also particularly critical, since client operations will stop until spare parts or kit arrive, which means any delay is likely to be prohibitively expensive for all concerned. The oil and gas sector, more than any other, requires innovative thinking and a guaranteed delivery and we are proud that this has become an area in which dap UK excels.

We are able to offer peace of mind freight forwarding for the oil and gas industry, as well as those involved in renewables. Whether it is large equipment for use offshore in the Gulf of Mexico or pipes and product for an onshore depot in the Middle East, NTG Air & Ocean’ experience and understanding gives our clients the security they need, when a planned project has timescales that require kit and product to be in the right place, at the right time.

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