Aid & Relief

In an ever-changing world, disaster and conflict can arise in the blink of an eye. We work closely with leading deployment agencies to ensure that humanitarian aid, military equipment and supplies and famine relief get to those who need them quickly and efficiently.

We are experienced in moving humanitarian and military cargoes to areas of conflict, from Afghanistan and Syria to Southern Sudan and Iraq. We are able to ensure that in these operations, our professionalism, reliability and confidence is trusted by all concerned, as we partner clients who are used to working in challenging environments.

In these scenarios time is of the essence – people’s lives depend upon the prompt delivery of cargo; there is no second chance to get it right. We work with organisations and government agencies whose reputations for reacting to any crisis with speed and accuracy are on the line, and we have to be able to respond accordingly. Our expertise in this area has grown considerably in recent years and this is due to a committed team of people who work with the same ethos as our customers.

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